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Our range of services in the field of billing includes, among others:

  • customer billing, invoice verification, payment transactions, receivables management, dunning process
  • fully automated customer billing, flexible support of innovative and complex products (including time- and load-variable tariffs, price indices)
  • bundled customer billing for supply and direct marketing points, smart meter suitable
  • fully automated invoicing including calculation, plausibility checks, document generation and dispatch of invoice and credit memo documents in various formats
  • calculation of all statutory and regulatory apportionments, taxes and levies including special charges and exemptions
  • fully automated support of all network charge structures, across all media (not included is the subscription to a data provider), including individual network charges and special charges
  • generation of the invoice layout according to your specifications. Consideration of all legal requirements.

Efficient Business Processes

Your advantages:

  • fully automated business processes in an integrated system
  • maintenance of all adjustments to the dynamic energy market without cost risk
  • integration into follow-up processes possible without interfaces
  • quick commissioning

AKTIF Customer Groups

AKTIF's flexible billing solutions help the following customers to automate their processes:

  • energy suppliers and balancing group managers with deliveries to Germany and Europe
  • direct marketers in Germany
  • industrial and commercial companies, for the internal billing of energy costs
  • operators of customer facilities or real estate companies that supply energy themselves within their properties and are therefore obliged to ensure correct accounting

AKTIF Products

You can choose between the following AKTIF products:

  • AKTIF®dataService as a software product that enables you to handle your processes in a customized and highly automated way.
  • AKTIF®smart&easy as a cloud product that is "ready to start" for you and can be used immediately without risk and without additional investment.
  • AKTIF®Services as a customized service solution. We implement your processes for you cost-effectively, individually and highly automated.
  • AKTIF®smart&easy as a service solution "ready to go", which takes over the complete processing for you and helps you to successfully establish and expand your business in the energy market. Order. Get started.

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