Subledger Accounting

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Innovative and competitive companies in the energy market need settlement and accounting processes that flexibly and cost-effectively document business and handle all accounting requirements in a highly automated manner.

Our subledger products make it possible to handle all accounting processes in a highly automated manner thanks to their complete process integration. All incoming and outgoing documents are posted correctly in accordance with the applicable legal requirements. The extensive configuration options provide the necessary flexibility to also handle innovative products.

The integrated receivables management quickly and clearly shows all open receivables and provides the connected fully automated dunning system with all the necessary information.

Our range of services in the field of accounting includes, among others:

  • fully automated process design incl. posting, mapping of invoices and credit notes according to VAT law (UStG), tax mapping as well as posting of vouchers without cost elements
  • complete integration into customer billing and incoming invoice processing - integrated process chain without internal or external interfaces
  • integrated fully automated preparation of payment control (SEPA XML) and posting of incoming payments (MT.940)
  • automatic creation of vendor and customer accounts incl. mapping of hierarchical account structures
  • freely definable G/L account structures

Efficient Business Processes

Your advantages:

  • fully automated business processes in an integrated system
  • maintenance of all adjustments to the dynamic energy market without cost risk
  • integration into follow-up processes possible without interfaces
  • short commissioning time

AKTIF Customers Groups

Our intelligent subledger solutions help the following customer groups automate their processes:

  • energy suppliers and balancing group managers with deliveries to Germany and Europe
  • direct marketers in Germany
  • energy producers who wish to market generated quantities themselves
  • operators of customer facilities or real estate companies that self-supply energy within their properties

AKTIF Products

You can choose between the following AKTIF products:

  • AKTIF®dataService as a software product: which enables you to handle your processes in a customized and highly automated way.
  • AKTIF®smart&easy as a cloud product: ready for you "ready to start" and immediately operational without risk and without additional investment.
  • AKTIF®Services as a customized service solution: We implement your processes for you cost-effectively, individually and highly automated.
  • AKTIF®smart&easy service: as a service solution "ready to go", which takes over the complete processing for you and helps you to successfully establish and expand your business in the energy market. Order. Get started.

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